Sunday, December 27, 2015

Rock Band Custom Logo License Plate

We made a Custom Band Logo License Plate for Mark.
He was pleased with the way they turned out.
Thanks Mark for sending the Photos and your comment.
Below are two photos and a mechanical, along with Marks

Being a curious kind of guy I Goggled the Band – Awesome!


Awesome job love both of them!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Chloe's "Peace - Love and Mardi Gras Bat Mitzvah Sign in Book

Chloe found our “Peace - Love and Happiness” Theme Sign in book while visiting
my store at It almost matched her theme but not exactly.
Her Theme was “Peace - Love and Mardi Gras” We love Special Requests
at CoolMirror – That’s how we grow, so thank you for your request Chloe.
Depicted below is her comment and a Photo of the book she selected from
And a mechanical illustration of Chloe’s Bat Mitzvah Sign in Book.
We are very happy you were pleased.


Hi Bruce,The sign in book came out stunning!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rainbow Springs State Park

Gauge had his first aquatic experience at
Rainbow Springs State Park.
He is not a water dog! 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tribal Themed Chrome Mirror License Plate

Kathleen ordered a Tribal Themed Personalized License Plate.

It was a Black plate with a Gold Mirrored Theme.

Kathleen was pleased with the way it turned out and that pleases
us at CoolMirror.

I thanked Kahtleen for taking the time to express her satisfaction.

I posted her comment below along with an illustration of her
License Plate  


Your product is amazing!

Turned out so much better than I had hoped... 

I got this as a Christmas gift for someone who is VERY difficult to shop for and I can guarantee she's going to LOVE IT.

I thought that this might be something that would last her a couple of years but the quality of your product makes me confident that it will last longer than she does.
Well done.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Two of my grandchildren and my three Best Friends

This is some of the reasons I am a Blessed man. I thank God for my Blessings Every Day

My live in fameily

Left to Right Zack, Oso, Gauge

My Protector

Zack 100 lbs of solid muscle and his brother Oso
is just as powerful. The Puppy Gauge is 11 Months
and weighs in at 65 lbs. I wish I had room
for another. 

Zack is truly my -- Gentle Giant. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Active Pest Control -- Mirrored License Plate.

Teresa was pleased with the way his 24 Custom Logo Reproduction
License Plates turned out.

At first she was a little apprehensive about ordering a Quantity Order.

I assured her she would be pleased.

The Logo Colors were very Vibrant.

I thank Teresa for taking the time to express his satisfaction.

Her Comment is listed below along with an Illustration of the
Logo - Chrome Mirrored License Plate.

She also included a Photo of one of the trucks displaying
the one of the Logo License Plats.


Hi Bruce-so sorry for the delay. Nothing but GREAT reviews on the product. It is amazing!! Thank you so much for the prompt design and production. Great customer service and the quality exceeded our expectations.