Thursday, April 28, 2016

Custom Japanese Themed Mirrored License Plate

Tony was pleased with the way his Custom Reproduction
License Plates turned out and he took the time to let us know.

I posted an Illustration of his license plate and his comment.

Mr. Vitarelli,

Good morning.  Just wanted to tell you that I already received my tag and it is awesome.  
Turned out even better than imagined...thanks a million!  
I would like to go ahead and reorder the same exact tag.  
Can I just do the same procedure we did last time on your site.

Thanks again,

Tony Z.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Yin Yang Being Held

I like the meanings of the Yin Yang and there are many.
Look it up and enjoy

Be sure to visit my store by clicking the link to the right

Interlocking Gun Map of America – 16 Pieces That fit like a puzzle

My newest design – This was challenging, but I am pleased with the end result

16 components that fit together like a puzzle Crafted from mirror in vibrant colors. Visit my store and check out my work 

Coexist With Strength Wall Mirror

What do the say “The Strong Will Survive” and the well armed

I like the Bed it is inviting! The mirror is okay also

Sunday, April 10, 2016

American Gangster rendering # 2 “Al Capone”

Depicted here is our 2nd American Gangster Wall Art “Al Capone” 

Laser Crafted of Natural and Smoke Mirror. I replaced the reflective image witch is usually a Pretty Model with my next favorite Pleasure.

As I get older I find Jack is less needy then a young
pretty Lady – However after a few Jacks all the ladies
appear young an pretty “ It’s a beautiful Thing”

Saturday, April 9, 2016

New Category of wall decor coming to CoolMirror soon – Here is a preview.

I have crafted two new wall decor
items Sweaty – Loving Feet – And the first that will be residing in our new Category Called “American Gangland” I thought it appropriate to start American Gangland with a Moll.
I always found them Hot, Exciting. I have five more renderings on the drawing board and a TON of ideas.

The Gun Moll took 3 full days to make web ready and my original rendering “Sweaty and loving Feet” took a Day and a half. I’m sure you will recognize some of the American Gangsters I am currently working on.   

American Gangster Gun Moll 

American Gangster Gun Moll Red Trim

Sweaty Feet

Loving Feet

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mirrored Wall Art and Decor

Where the heck have you been Bruce? – No posts since February 23
a few have missed you!

Wow I’m happy I was missed I didn’t think anyone noticed.

Well I have designed an entire new department for CoolMirror
Beautifully Laser Crafted Mirrored Wall Decor – Up to 4 feet in
Size, the largest and most creative venture since 1983

I hope you all like my new creations.
Please visit my store- Special requests are welcome 

I have just published them on 

Time to celebrate!