Sunday, December 27, 2015

Rock Band Custom Logo License Plate

We made a Custom Band Logo License Plate for Mark.
He was pleased with the way they turned out.
Thanks Mark for sending the Photos and your comment.
Below are two photos and a mechanical, along with Marks

Being a curious kind of guy I Goggled the Band – Awesome!


Awesome job love both of them!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Chloe's "Peace - Love and Mardi Gras Bat Mitzvah Sign in Book

Chloe found our “Peace - Love and Happiness” Theme Sign in book while visiting
my store at It almost matched her theme but not exactly.
Her Theme was “Peace - Love and Mardi Gras” We love Special Requests
at CoolMirror – That’s how we grow, so thank you for your request Chloe.
Depicted below is her comment and a Photo of the book she selected from
And a mechanical illustration of Chloe’s Bat Mitzvah Sign in Book.
We are very happy you were pleased.


Hi Bruce,The sign in book came out stunning!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rainbow Springs State Park

Gauge had his first aquatic experience at
Rainbow Springs State Park.
He is not a water dog! 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tribal Themed Chrome Mirror License Plate

Kathleen ordered a Tribal Themed Personalized License Plate.

It was a Black plate with a Gold Mirrored Theme.

Kathleen was pleased with the way it turned out and that pleases
us at CoolMirror.

I thanked Kahtleen for taking the time to express her satisfaction.

I posted her comment below along with an illustration of her
License Plate  


Your product is amazing!

Turned out so much better than I had hoped... 

I got this as a Christmas gift for someone who is VERY difficult to shop for and I can guarantee she's going to LOVE IT.

I thought that this might be something that would last her a couple of years but the quality of your product makes me confident that it will last longer than she does.
Well done.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Two of my grandchildren and my three Best Friends

This is some of the reasons I am a Blessed man. I thank God for my Blessings Every Day

My live in fameily

Left to Right Zack, Oso, Gauge

My Protector

Zack 100 lbs of solid muscle and his brother Oso
is just as powerful. The Puppy Gauge is 11 Months
and weighs in at 65 lbs. I wish I had room
for another. 

Zack is truly my -- Gentle Giant. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Active Pest Control -- Mirrored License Plate.

Teresa was pleased with the way his 24 Custom Logo Reproduction
License Plates turned out.

At first she was a little apprehensive about ordering a Quantity Order.

I assured her she would be pleased.

The Logo Colors were very Vibrant.

I thank Teresa for taking the time to express his satisfaction.

Her Comment is listed below along with an Illustration of the
Logo - Chrome Mirrored License Plate.

She also included a Photo of one of the trucks displaying
the one of the Logo License Plats.


Hi Bruce-so sorry for the delay. Nothing but GREAT reviews on the product. It is amazing!! Thank you so much for the prompt design and production. Great customer service and the quality exceeded our expectations.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Custom Logo Reproduction License Plate -- Novae

Carlton was pleased with the way his Custom Logo Reproduction
License Plates turned out.

This is the second time Carlton ordered these Logo Plates.
This order was a combination of four-color variations.

The combinations he selected were very Vibrant.

I thank Carlton for taking the time to express his satisfaction.

His Comment is listed below along with an Illustration of the
Logo - Chrome Mirrored License Plate

We love the tags! I just returned to the office this morning, so it was my first time seeing the blue and the red on the acrylic. Flawless!!! Yes, by all means, use the tags for your blog!

Comment: We absolutely LOVE the acrylic license plates! We keep coming back to reorder because our members are in love with the plates! Thanks, Cool Mirror!

Friday, November 13, 2015

A beautiful Chrome Mirrored Circle Monogram License Plate -- Laser Crafted

Queen Joyce 3rd asked me to craft a Circle Monogram License Plate for the front of her New BMW

I was happy to do this for Her Majesty!

Queen Joyce was pleased as well, as you can see in her comment.

The License Plate Background was Natural Mirror with a Black Monogram

It was a very beautiful Contrast. 

We feature a large variety of Personalized License Plates.

Depicted below here is an illustration of Joyce's Car Tag

Thank you Joyce For taking the time to express your satisfaction.


Hi Bruce,

I absolutely Love my license plate! I just bought a beautiful silver BMW and the mirrored plate is exactly what I pictured for the front of the car. Thank you for the great service and beautiful workmanship

Monday, November 9, 2015

Occupational and Organizational Category Now Opened!

A New Category for CoolMirror License Plates.

As I mentioned in an earlier post – Saturday October 31 I have
Started working on a new Category for my web store –

I waited until I had twelve new products ready to go before publishing.

I published the new category on Sunday November 7, and I am
Pleased with the way it is coming along.

Depicted below is the entrance image to our
Occupational and Organizational Category.

Please Visit my Store

I would enjoy your Comments & Suggestions for this Category. 

Custom Personalized Chrome Mirrored License Plate

Benjamin asked us to craft a Custom License for the front of his Daughters Truck.

He selected our font called “Elegance” witch is a beautiful script selection.

Benjamin was pleased with the way it came as you can see in her comment.

The License Plate Background was Navy Blue Mirror with Natural Mirror Text

It was a very beautiful Contrast. 

We feature a large variety of Personalized License Plates.

Depicted below here is an illustration of Benjamin Car Tag
the actual front car plate was even more vibrant.


Our daughter was very please with the tag we ordered.

It arrived in good time and in perfect condition

It looks very cool on her truck.

Circle Monogram Chrome Mirrored License Plate

Michael asked us to craft a Circle Monogram License Plate for the front of his car.

This was a bit of a challenge, as the Circle Monogram does not give an option
for the & Symbol, we do not to say know so I created one and was happy
with the final result.

Michael was pleased as well as you can see in her comment.

The License Plate Background was Natural Mirror with a Black Monogram

It was a very beautiful Contrast. 

We feature a large variety of Personalized License Plates.

Depicted below here is an illustration of Michael’s Car Tag
the actual front car plate was even more vibrant.


The license plate turned out awesome. I really appreciate it.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Occupational and Organizational Custom Chrome Mirror License Plates

I have been working on Occupational and Organizational departments
for  our CoolMirror website I welcome your suggestions.
So far my Concentration has been on our brave Fire Fighters.
How am I doing?

There are so many Occupations and Organizations that I wish to honor

I think this project may be never ending.

Crucifix Chrome Mirrored License Plate

Dwayne asked us to craft a Crucifix License Plate for the front of his car

The License Plate Background was Smoke Mirror with a Mirrored Cross

It was a very beautiful Contrast. 

We feature a large variety of religious occasion License Plates.

Depicted below here is an illustration of Dwayne’s Car tag
the actual front car plate was even more vibrant.

I am happy Dwayne was pleased.

I would like to thank Dwayne for taking the time to comment.

 I love the plate, it looks awesome.  Don't be surprised if you have quite a few orders for plates like it, I have had quite a few compliments on it.

Sorority – Fraternity Front Car Tag

Demetra asked us to craft a Sorority Opaque White Mirrored License Plate

The License Plate Background was White Opaque with Mirror and white detail.

It was a very classy combination.  

We can reproduce any Sorority – Fraternity.

Depicted below here is an illustration of Demetra’s Car tag
the actual front car plate was even more vibrant.

I am happy Shanteria was pleased.

I would like to thank Shanteria for taking the time to comment.


This is my 2nd one .

I have white Lincoln Mks, it goes perfect with.

My sorority sister bought a white car, just so I could get her one. Lol

Chrome Mirrored Custom Butterfly Front Car Tag

Shanteria asked us to craft a Butterfly Chrome Mirrored License Plate

The License Plate Background was Chrome Mirror with Black Accents.

It was a striking combination, very strong contrast.

We can reproduce any organizational theme.

Depicted below here is an illustration of Shanteria’s Car tag
the actual front car plate was even more vibrant.

I am happy Shanteria was pleased.

I would like to thank Shanteria for taking the time to comment.


Thank you soo much for my license plate I AM IN LOVEEEE 
it's better than what I even expected.

Thank Youuu

Chrome Mirrored Organizational Front Car Tag

Dustin asked us to craft a Masonic Chrome Mirrored License Plate

Dustin’s Masonic Themed Laser Crafted Chrome Mirror Auto Tag
with Smoke Mirror Logo

We can reproduce any organizational theme.

Depicted below here is a photo of Dustin’s Car tag

I would like to thank Dustin for taking the time to comment.


The plate that you made for me turned out perfect!  I was very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. I am looking to order some more plates from your company!  Thank you again 


Friday, October 30, 2015

Monogram Key-Chain and License Plate

Rena asked us to craft a Monogram License Plate and a Monogram Key-Chain

Her items were Laser Crafted with a Natural Mirror background
Burgundy inlaid text.

Depicted below are similar items.

I would like to thank Rena for taking the time to comment. 


The plate turned out GREAT!  We can not wait to give it to our daughter for Christmas.  Your web-site was extremely user friendly.

Custom Personalized Chrome Mirror Car Tag

Beth asked us to craft a custom Personalized License Plate to express her individuality.

Her License Plate was Laser Crafted with a Natural Mirror background
and Navy Blue Mirror inlaid text.

The depiction below is an illustration the actual plate is far more vibrant.

I would like to thank Beth for taking the time to comment.    


I wanted a tag to reflect my Scottish heritage and my "don't worry" philosophy

this tag was great quality and beautiful! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Occupational License Plates

Coming Soon to CoolMirror  | Occupational License Plates

I will be expanding our Chrome Mirror License Plate | Auto Tag
category to include Occupational License Plates.

This new category will include, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement,
Medical and many more.

Depicted here is an example.

Religious And Spiritual

Depicted below is our newest addition to our Religious Chrome Mirrored
License Plate – Auto Tag.

At this time of year this category receives many visits at
And many request for new designs.

The item depicted was one such request.

Religious – Chrome Mirror License Plate

With the Holiday Season quickly approaching our Religious and Spiritual
License Plate department becomes a busy place.

We have added a new selection to that category and I am working on three more.

We produced our very Popular Jesus tag for Mike and he was very happy
with the chrome and gold mirror License Plate.

I thank Mike for taking the time to express his satisfaction.

This is his comment.

The plate was Awesome. Showed it to my friends and they love it. Very satisfied!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wow it’s been a while since I visited my blog.

Here are some of the reasons why.

# 1 reason: I had a hard drive crash, I felt as though my time was
being swallowed by my neglectful failure to keep up to date backups, 
but in time I got it all back. Now I perform a backup every night.

# 2 new product development and posting on CoolMirror.

I enjoy that.

# 3 is my new puppy – he got needy for a while, I might add

it has been worth the efforts.

So now I am contacting customers and requesting their comments

and will be posting there replies soon. 

Puppy's Getting Big and he's
"Such A Good Boy"

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Custon Logo Reproduction License Plate

We produced a Custom Logo  License Plate for the front
of Victor’s Automobile.

He provided me with a drawing of what he wanted and from that
we produced a Custom Logo Mirrored License plate.

It was a pleasure working with Victor, And I am happy he was
pleased with the finished product.

Doing a Custom Logo Reproduction is one of the things I enjoy most.

Below is a depiction of Victor’s drawing  and an illustration
of the final result.

I always like to personalize my vehicles with a special plate pertaining to the vehicle and in this case it was the "SC" OEM logo describing the Thunderbird Super Coupe model.

I called many mirror plate businesses and none were as helpful and willing to take on the challenge as Bruce @ Cool Mirror did. The toughest challenge was finding a Super Coupe logo that could be duplicated. 

After searching online for hours and unsuccessful in finding a logo, I drew up a sample, emailed it to Bruce @ where he was able to utilize and manufacture my custom license plate to my liking. 

I really appreciate Bruce for being able to utilize the drawing I provided and I am very pleased at the way it turned out. 

The plate is very unique, looks great on my 1995 Ford Thunderbird SC and I get tons of compliments. 

Thank you Bruce for your excellent work, I really appreciate the quality service and product and will continue to do business with you in the near future. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sweet 16 Guest Sign in Book

We crafted a Star Theme Guest Sign - in - Book for Lauren’s Sweet Sixteen.
It has a Black Onyx Sparkle Glitter Cover. They wanted exacerbated delivery
so we shipped it the next day.

They were pleased with our service and Quality and were kind enough to take
the time to forward us two photos.

Script Monogram License Plate -- Mirrored

We Produced a Monogram License Plate for Lori.

It was a gift for her daughter, both Lori and her
daughter were pleased with the quality of our product.

Below is Lories Comment an illustration of Lories plate
with a Photo of a Similar Product

My daughter loved it!! Awesome detail and looks great on her car. Thanks

American Flag License Plate

We crafted a mirror American Flag License Plate for
the front of Micheles Automobile.

We are pleased that Michele took the time to tell us of
his satisfaction with our product.

Michele also took a photo of his Flag plate on his Explorer.  

Love my new flag plate!!! It makes a great statement against my black Ford Explorer!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Forty Days and Forty Nights

It seem as though it’s been raining for Forty Days and Forty Nights.

I live on the Gulf  of  Mexico -- Crystal River -- Florida and so we
get lots of storms off the Gulf.

Plenty of rain, strong winds, dangerous
lightning and flooding in many places.

I’m not in a flood zone
I’m happy to say.

It’s storming as I’m writing this and my dogs
do not like the thunder.

The only down side to a good storm in not being able to get on line.    

These are my boys, from left to right Zack and Oso, they are 7 and brothers
then there's Gauge he is a puppy Boxer born in January.
They hide when the thunder comes.

Religious Theme License Plate -- Jesus Girl

We made this Religious theme License Plate and the Post office sent it around the country.

After about 2 weeks --- and I might add Nicole was very understanding -- I made a new plate.

On the day the new plate arrived Nicole went to her mail box the replacement was there
and finally the lost plate found it’s way.

Nicole called me and asked if she should return one. I replied no just give it to a friend.

The post office made someone happy with there blunder -- The friend I’m sure will be pleased.

I love my plate!! I get so many compliments. 

The owner is so nice because my plate was not delivered in a timely fashion he made me another one free of charge!! 

I recommend using this company I will definitely order in the future!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mirrored Monogrammed License Plate

We produced a custom Circle Monogrammed License Plate for the front
of John’s Automobile.

The Circle Monogrammed License plat is our most popular of our
hundreds of License Plate selections.

We are happy John was pleased with our Product and Service.

Below Johns Testimonial Is a photo from another license plate from this category
along with the mechanical illustration we used to produce Johns Auto Tag

I give my permission to publish anything in your article concerning such monogrammed license plate. 

I would like to add that I am very pleased with how it turned out and have received very good comments.

Thank you for a job well done and in a timely fashion as well.

Dan Bolin

Sweet Sixteen Guest Sign in Book

Deborah ordered a sweet 16 Sign in Book for her Daughter  Laurens Sweet 16.

We crafted the Sign in Book to meet her specifications.

We were pleased with the way the final product turned out and as you can see
from Deborah’s Testimonial below, so were Deborah and Sarah.

I included a photo of a similar book and the mechanical illustration
we used to produce Lauren’s book

We are not using it until the 25th.

I will try to make sure to get a great photo to send you. 

It is so beautiful! It is everything I would have wanted as a kid but my parents couldn't swing it.

 I guess at some point, we all live through our kids! 

Thanks for the beautiful work!!

-Deb :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Masonic Themed License Plate

Sara requested that we reproduce her Masonic logo for the front of her automobile.

I was happy to do so and also pleased with her reply after she received
her auto tag.

Below is her comment and a photo of the finished product.

I am always looking for one of a kind Masonic items to surprise my husband with. 

I stumbled across this site when searching for a license plate and I am sure glad that I did.

 I was extremely please with the fast & unexpected call back about exactly how I wanted my plates. 

I ordered the plates expedited. I couldn't be more pleased about my entire experience from the ordering process to receiving the plates. 

I will definitely be a repeat customer and highly recommend anyone to do business with them! 


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Custom Mirrored Butterfly Themed License Plate

Sheri requested a Vibrant Mirrored Butterfly themed License Plate.

We produced a Butterfly Themed License Plate for Sheri, laser crafted from
Durable Acrylic Mirror.

Below is a photo of one of our butterfly auto tags along with the
mechanical illustration used to produce her License Plate.

You can see from her testimonial below she was pleased and that pleased us. 

Bruce Vitarelli

This is actually my second license plate from your company. 

I loved my first one and I love the second one that my beautiful best friend was so kind to purchase for me. 

It was purely coincidence that my girlfriend found the same website that I ordered from…which goes to show that she knows what I like…and that your company must be one of the best. 

I love that I can customize my plate to suit my taste and preferences. 

Your license plates are of high quality and are even more beautiful in person than online.



Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Personalized Unique Auto Tag

Thank you Eddie for being a CoolMirror customer.

we are pleased to here you are a satisfied customer.

And thank you for your Testimonial.

Your product was produced using State of Art laser cutting equipment
and the finest, durable acrylic mirror.

We produce and inspect each itam for quality before shipping.

I Ordered a personalized Auto Tag and was very pleased at the ease of ordering as well as the color options to choose from. 

The mirrored plate arrived on time and in excellent condition. 

It was packaged well and I was extremely happy with this purchase. 

I plan on ordering other plates from this supplier in the future and have already referred others to the website. 

Great product at a very fair price and it was properly packaged and shipped on time!

I highly recommend them for your License plate needs!

Eddie Dietz

This is an illustration
The finished product is far more vibrant 

Fathers Day Suprise - Auto Tag

We laser crafted the Circle Monogram License Plate for Jims Champagne
Ford F 150.

We were pleased to learn it was a nice Fathers Day Surprise.

Jims Plate has a Gold Morror Background with a black opaque inlay.

You can view it below on the photo of his truck.

This plate was an excellent look for my champagne colored Ford E150, and a “great”

Father’s Day surprise. 

Thanks MirrorMan!

Custom Mirrored License Plate - Auto Tag -BEBE

Custom Mirrored License Plate - Auto Tag.
This auto tag has a mirrored background With Red Mirror laser cut inlayed text.

The font is Briquet a very popular selection.

I was pleased to learn that BEBE was happily surprised with her new Auto Tag

The plate was a really big hit!
In September we moved my 87 year old mother into an assisted living facility.
At that time she gave up her Cadillac which had a similar mirrored plate on it.
So of course we attached the plate to her new motorized scooter.
Unfortunately she had a bit of a learning curve and snapped it in half on the elevator door.

She asked me last month if there was any way I could find a replacement.
Even though she no longer had the plate everyone still talked about it...and it's important to be talked about at "the Meadows".
She was thrilled with the replacement plate and she is once again known as "here comes Bebe".
And the red letters match her scooter. 
When I visit tomorrow I'll get a picture of the very satisfied customer and send it to you!
She'll be thrilled to hear she'll be talked about on your website too! Your quality product is a big hit at the facility. 

Very sincerely, 

Kim and Jon

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Custom Mirrored License Plate Morton

This is a custom Mirrored Auto Tag - License Plate With Smoke mirror Laser
Inlayed text.

The font he selected is Brush Script.

Another sharp looking - Cool Mirror - laser auto tag on the road

In Missouri, if you run your truck with license over 18k lbs, they require your license plate to be on the front, therefore the back just looks ugly! 

My dodge dually looks ten times better with the plate you produced and couldn't be happier! 


Custom Mirrored License Plate

I made this Auto Tag - License Plate for a customer that ordered it on my website.

It is a Natural Mirror license plate with laser cut Black inlayed text.

It is a good looking plate that he presented to a friend as a gift.

Thank you Bruce it turned out great. 

Meka really loved it and it was a big hit with our friends. 

I’m sure you will get more orders from people we know

Glasia Johnson 

Bar Mitzvah Guest Sign in Book

Here is an Engraved sign in book for Casey’s Bar Mitzvah.

We produce a large assortment of acrylic mirrored guest
Sign in Books for many occasions Sweet Sixteens, Bar and
Bat Mitzvah just to name a few.

We also produce related personalized products for special occasions.

To: Cool Mirror


We bought a sign-in book from you for our son Casey's Bar Mitzvah.  Let me tell you it was a huge hit!

Everyone raved about it!

Our guests wrote their amusing and heartfelt well wishes. We've read it over and over, and we're going

to read it when the whole family gets together for the holidays.

Thanks you so much,


Paul Millman

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sailboat Auto Tag

A  friend of mine asked me to make a custom auto tag representing his sailboat
for the front of his truck.
Here are Paul’s remarks about his custom mirrored auto tag.

Hi Bruce,

Thank you! The License Plate that you made for us is great. 

Our sailing buddies get the meaning of the Plate on first view, but our other friends just don't get it. So we have to explain and then the coin drops.

We like that! The plate has initiated several questions that leads into our favorite hobby, Sailing.

The plate looks really good and we're really pleased about how nice it turned out.

Thanks so much.

By all means, go ahead and post a blog article about it. It's a bit unusual, but anyone that has a sailboat will get the meaning right away.

We'll keep you in mind when we buy our next boat!

Paul & Peggy.

Sailing Joint Decision
A 2005 Catalina 250