Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sailboat Auto Tag

A  friend of mine asked me to make a custom auto tag representing his sailboat
for the front of his truck.
Here are Paul’s remarks about his custom mirrored auto tag.

Hi Bruce,

Thank you! The License Plate that you made for us is great. 

Our sailing buddies get the meaning of the Plate on first view, but our other friends just don't get it. So we have to explain and then the coin drops.

We like that! The plate has initiated several questions that leads into our favorite hobby, Sailing.

The plate looks really good and we're really pleased about how nice it turned out.

Thanks so much.

By all means, go ahead and post a blog article about it. It's a bit unusual, but anyone that has a sailboat will get the meaning right away.

We'll keep you in mind when we buy our next boat!

Paul & Peggy.

Sailing Joint Decision
A 2005 Catalina 250

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