Thursday, August 25, 2016

Angel with Flowers Vanity Front Car License Plate

On august 12, 2016 I posted a request for an Angel – Devil plate I received.
It was posted on the 12th 
The customer loved it, that made me happy. What made me even happier
was a few days after posting it on my site I received a call asking if I could
do a more spiritual Angel. I love special requests! She wanted an Angel
with the words “Follow Your Dreams” So I went to work and below
is what I came up with. I did four different renderings and posted all
four on my web site – I enjoyed the challenge.
She loved my Proof that I submitted – No Charge for the proof
and 32.00 for the license plate. I hope I sell a bunch. 
Depicted Below is the four Renderings.

If you can think it – I will do it!

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