Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Boxer – Custom Mirrored Vanity Auto Tag – Personalized License Plate with your Personal Sentiment

The Boxer - I have 3

Facts About The Boxer
1- Boxers are directly related to the Bullenbeisser, an extinct dog breed that was used to hunt wild boar and stag
2- Due to their short muzzles boxers are known to snore
3- Boxers originated from Germany
4- Boxers come in various types of coloring including brindle, fawn and white, and Black and white
5- White boxers are prone to being born deaf and often have many skin issues
6- The average lifespan for a boxer is 10 years
7- Tendency to stand on hind legs and "box" with front paws
8- A Boxers weight ranges from 50lbs to 70lbs and as tall as 53cm to 63cm
9- A regular Boxer personality can be described as playful, energetic, goofy and devoted
10- One boxer holds the world record for having the longest tongue in the world at 17 inches long
11- Boxers used to have their ears cropped and tails docked so wild animals couldn't grab a hold of them as easy when hunting

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