Monday, November 23, 2015

Custom Logo Reproduction License Plate -- Novae

Carlton was pleased with the way his Custom Logo Reproduction
License Plates turned out.

This is the second time Carlton ordered these Logo Plates.
This order was a combination of four-color variations.

The combinations he selected were very Vibrant.

I thank Carlton for taking the time to express his satisfaction.

His Comment is listed below along with an Illustration of the
Logo - Chrome Mirrored License Plate

We love the tags! I just returned to the office this morning, so it was my first time seeing the blue and the red on the acrylic. Flawless!!! Yes, by all means, use the tags for your blog!

Comment: We absolutely LOVE the acrylic license plates! We keep coming back to reorder because our members are in love with the plates! Thanks, Cool Mirror!

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