Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Custom Mirrored License Plate - Auto Tag -BEBE

Custom Mirrored License Plate - Auto Tag.
This auto tag has a mirrored background With Red Mirror laser cut inlayed text.

The font is Briquet a very popular selection.

I was pleased to learn that BEBE was happily surprised with her new Auto Tag

The plate was a really big hit!
In September we moved my 87 year old mother into an assisted living facility.
At that time she gave up her Cadillac which had a similar mirrored plate on it.
So of course we attached the plate to her new motorized scooter.
Unfortunately she had a bit of a learning curve and snapped it in half on the elevator door.

She asked me last month if there was any way I could find a replacement.
Even though she no longer had the plate everyone still talked about it...and it's important to be talked about at "the Meadows".
She was thrilled with the replacement plate and she is once again known as "here comes Bebe".
And the red letters match her scooter. 
When I visit tomorrow I'll get a picture of the very satisfied customer and send it to you!
She'll be thrilled to hear she'll be talked about on your website too! Your quality product is a big hit at the facility. 

Very sincerely, 

Kim and Jon

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