Thursday, July 2, 2015

Custom Mirrored Butterfly Themed License Plate

Sheri requested a Vibrant Mirrored Butterfly themed License Plate.

We produced a Butterfly Themed License Plate for Sheri, laser crafted from
Durable Acrylic Mirror.

Below is a photo of one of our butterfly auto tags along with the
mechanical illustration used to produce her License Plate.

You can see from her testimonial below she was pleased and that pleased us. 

Bruce Vitarelli

This is actually my second license plate from your company. 

I loved my first one and I love the second one that my beautiful best friend was so kind to purchase for me. 

It was purely coincidence that my girlfriend found the same website that I ordered from…which goes to show that she knows what I like…and that your company must be one of the best. 

I love that I can customize my plate to suit my taste and preferences. 

Your license plates are of high quality and are even more beautiful in person than online.



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